English Pricing

  • Fees and Services Costs

Regarding transparency in transaction fees, Bit.ir provides registration and use of services free of charge and only a few transactions on the platform include a small amount of fees.


On Bit.ir, all Rial withdrawals to banks including Mellat, Ayandeh, Saman, Melli, Tejarat and Sepah will be completed instantly, even on holidays.

Rial withdrawals to other banks depend on the bank’s ACH cycle. The required fee for Rial withdrawals belongs to the related banking system and is acquired by PardakhtYar payment system and Bit.ir is not included in the process.

  • Trading Fees

Bit.ir takes a percentage of the total amount of a trade as fee and the calculations are as follows:

  1. Both parties need to pay a fee.
  2. A percentage of the quote currency will be deducted as the fee. Let’s say if you have Ethereum-Rial pair the fee is a percentage of Rial and on the opposite (i.e., Rial-Ethereum) the fee includes some ETH.
  3. When you carry out a trade on Bit.ir the fees are visibly available to you.
  4. Trading fees differ according to the volume of trades and are calculated as the following table.
  • Deposit & Withdrawal
  1. There are zero fees for deposits on Bit.ir, except for Babydoge Coin deposits which include a 10% reduction as transaction fee.
  2. Digital assets withdrawal fees depend on the cryptocurrency.