Bit.ir Rules: Bit.ir is a platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, DogeCoin and Tron in Rials, which fully complies with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and exchanging  any non-Rial currencies such as buying and selling in dollars or other known currencies is not possible.


Terms and conditions of activity in Bit.ir

  1. The initial condition for registration in Bit.ir is that before registration, the user is obliged to accept all obligations and conditions that are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and is obliged to adhere to these terms and principles.
  2. Use of Bit.ir services constitutes acceptance and approval of its rules.
  3. The rules of Bit.ir may change depending on the circumstances, but certainly the necessary information will be provided before any change is made. Also, in order to provide better service, the latest changes are published in the official pages of Bit.ir on social networks.
  4. Authentication in Bit.ir is necessary and users are required to upload their correct and complete details, and in case of user abuse, Bit.ir can stop its services for the offending user and report violations to the competent authorities.
  5. Bit.ir users undertake to use the website services only for themselves and if they use these services for another person who has not completed their authentication, all responsibility and consequences will be on them.
  6. The user account number announced on the website and the wallet address in order to withdraw the cryptocurrency must belong to the user and users are not allowed to give the wallet address of others in any way.
  7. The user agrees to cooperate with Bit.ir with prior notice to make a video call with Bit.ir, in order to maintain the security of their account, at the discretion of the support department. Also, according to the orders of judicial institutions such as FATA police, after depositing through the accelerator portal, the withdrawal of the cryptocurrency may be restricted for 24 to 72 hours.
  8. Bit.ir is not responsible for the way users trade and their profits and losses.
  9. Any negligence on the part of the user to protect their security information such as password is the responsibility of the user and Bit.ir has no responsibility in this regard and it is strongly recommended to use a secure password and especially a two-factor authentication code.
  10. Bit.ir assures the user to keep their assets on loan with the best security standards and in cold wallets, and to compensate in case of any security problem and to pay the full amount of the damage. Deposit to customers' accounts.
  11. Bit.ir assures the user that their assets are safe and maintained with the best security standards and in cold wallets, and in case of any security problem, to compensate and pay the amount of the damage in full.
  12. Withdrawal from the wallet account is done immediately by Bit.ir, but the deposit steps are done according to the type of bank account and according to the principles of the Paya system(bank cycle).
  13. Bit.ir is allowed to take action at any time to correct the mistake and withdraw from the account in case of any mistake in the deposit or withdrawal, and the user will not have the right to object in this regard.
  14. After confirmation, all user information is located offline and in encrypted files so that user information is not abused under any circumstances.
  15. Due to the requirement of legal authorities to fully identify individuals, giving a mobile number and identification information for transactions and trade on the website is mandatory.
  16. Under no circumstances, except for receiving legal letters from the relevant authorities, Bit.ir will not disclose individuals' information to any person or institution, not even the user.
  17. The possibility of deleting a user account, after registering or entering any information, will be possible only with the order of judicial authorities.
  18. The user agrees that will not create an account and buy and sell on the Bit.ir website, at the request of a third party, including individuals and social groups, etc., and in case of violation, he is responsible for it financially, judicially and legally.