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27,914 Toman
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0.4758 Dollar

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0.481 Dollar

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14,467.0703 Dollar

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28,083 Toman

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28,492 Toman

Trading volume 24 hours

639,090,464 Toman


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What is Ripple?

As well as acting as a payment network and crypto currency, Ripple is a technology used in financial transactions. The program first appeared in 2012, and its creators were Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb.

The main function of Ripple is to settle payments and remit assets, similar to SWIFT, which is used by banks and financial intermediaries to transfer international money and securities.

Tokens used for this cryptocurrency are premined and have the symbol XRP. XRP is the cryptocurrency token of the Ripple company and network. As a temporary settlement layer, XRP serves as an intermediary mechanism for exchange between two currencies or networks.

How Ripple works?

The Ripple platform is a peer-to-peer platform that allows for seamless money transfers in any form, whether it's dollars, yen, euros, bitcoins, or litecoins.

In addition to major banks and financial institutions, Ripple offers a global payments network. XRP facilitates quick currency conversion between different currencies in its products.

How does Ripple work and what is cryptocurrency exchange?

Traders can buy and sell Ripple on an exchange using fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies. Exchanges are online platforms that serve as intermediaries between buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies.

An exchange requires users to register to transfer cryptocurrencies, and they must also go through several verification steps to authenticate their identities.

When the verification is completed, an account will be opened for the user, and they must transfer funds into it prior to purchasing coins.

You can buy and sell Ripple on the exchange. After registering on the platform, you will be required to authenticate your identity, deposit money into your account, and then set a buy or sell order.

How do I trade Ripple on

You can buy XRP in 2 ways:

  1. If you deposit Rial, you can buy XRP on Toman Market
  2. If you deposit USDT, you can buy Ripple on Tether Market
  • Note
  1. The minimum amount of Ripple that you can buy on Toman Market is 100,000 Tomans
  2. Also, the minimum amount of Ripple that you can buy on Tether Market is 10 USDT
  3. Ripple withdrawal fee is 0.2 and the minimum amount that you can withdraw is 21 XRP

Choose Ripple/Rial pair at Toman Market to convert the Rial to Ripple. Type the desired price and amount. Your order will be filled and the Rial equivalent will be deposited in your wallet when the market price reaches the price you selected.

You can sell or buy Ripple in two ways: limit and market. In a market order, your order will be filled instantly.

Frequently asked questions

How is Ripple's price determined?

All assets include volatility, including ripple. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, don't value themselves by specific groups or entities. Ripple's price will rise or fall based on the supply and demand of cryptocurrencies.

Where can I buy Ripple?

With the help of local experts, trading platform has been rated one of the safest cryptocurrencies exchange markets in Iran. Ripple can be bought through's fast, secure and efficient platform.

What is the transaction fee on the exchange? charges a transaction fee based on the number of transactions you make in a month. There are four levels of users on this platform. Users at Level 1 have traded less than 20 million Tomans in the last month, and their fee is 0.0035 of the total amount of Ripple bought. Users who have traded between 20 and 50 million Tomans in the last month are classified as Level 2. The fee for users in this level is 0.0030 percent of the amount of Ripple they buy. In Level 3, users who are more active and have traded 50 to 100 million Tomans in the past month are included. Fees for this level are 0.0025 percent of the total amount of Ripple they buy, followed by level 4, which includes active users of the platform and their trading volume is above 100 million Tomans per month. Fees for these users are 0.0020 of the amount of Ripple they purchase.