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5,424 Toman

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What is Stellar?

In 2014, Stellar was born with similar characteristics as Ripple. In fact, one can consider it as a Ripple fork.

Facing disagreement with developers over some issues, Jed McCaleb, co-founder of Ripple, eventually left Ripple and began working on Stellar project.

While Ripple focuses on solutions to international bank transfers, Stellar plans to facilitate payments between individuals throughout the world.

However, both deploy nearly the same method. Lumen (XLM) is the built-in token in Stellar network, which has the maximum supply of 100 billion and is automatically being distributed to the market.

This token cannot be mined and a certain amount of it has been created by the company. Besides offering low costs and high network speed, Stellar went further than just being a cryptocurrency.

Organizations like banks and financial systems which are called “Anchors” in a network, work on communications in it. Anchors are trusted entities that perform as bridges in Stellar network.

For instance, you are in USA and your friend is in France, and you are asked to pay 100 euros to him. Through Stellar network, you can send the aforementioned amount in dollars.

The dollar will automatically change to euros in a French bank and will be sent to your friend. So, like any other cryptocurrency Stellar can be transferred among crypto wallets or other payments can be done through its network.

Trade Stellar on

By completing these 4 steps, you can start trading Stellar:

  1. Register on
  2. Complete KYC process
  3. Deposit Rials/USDT into your account
  4. Place your buy/sell order

Buy Stellar

In order to buy Stellar on exchange, after completing your registration and KYC steps you must make a deposit to your account. To do this, you can follow one of the below methods:

  • Connect to “Shetab” payment gateway and deposit Rial into your account.
  • Direct deposit by sending cryptocurrencies to safe wallet.

By depositing Rial, you can buy Stellar in the Toman market or you can deposit Tether (USDT) directly to your account and buy Stellar in Tether market.

  • Note

The minimum buy amount for Stellar is 100,000 Tomans or 10 USDT.

Stellar Withdrawals

You can withdraw your Stellar balance directly from your account; Note that withdrawal fee is 0.01 XLM and the withdrawal amount must be at least 40 XLM.

Sell Stellar

Now that you have set up your account and completed KYC on, in order to sell you can change your previously bought or deposited Stellar to Rial and submit a Rial withdrawal request.

You can also send your Stellar on to your personal wallet. To change Stellar to Rial, you need to enter the main (Rial) market and choose Stellar/Rial pair. Next, enter your desired amount and price. When your order gets filled by the market, your Rial balance will increase and you’ll be able to withdraw it.

Note that selling Stellar has the same methods as buying it, in which you may choose between limit and market order. The main difference here is that through market, your order gets filled instantly; But by submitting a limit order, your order will trigger only if XLM price matches the one you entered previously.

Why choose as a leading platform in blockchain science and secure storage of your assets, provides best prices and lowest fees for its users to trade cryptocurrencies. Also, users can place their orders through mobile application.

Frequently asked questions

How pricing works for Stellar?

Like any other cryptocurrency, Stellar is exposed to price fluctuations. However, the specific nature of cryptocurrencies won’t allow a central entity to determine their value. The correlation between supply and demand results in Stellar price changes.

Where to buy Stellar?

By employing the experts’ knowledge in this field, crypto exchange became one of the safest cryptocurrency markets in Iran. has provided a safe, fast and efficient platform to buy Stellar.

How the price is set for Stellar on

Users on place their buy orders with a desired price. On the other hand, Seller will do the same for their sell orders. Hence, upon filling buy and sell orders on the platform, price of Stellar will be set accordingly.

Fees for Stellar operations on provides the lowest fees for different operations. The fees vary based on your activity on exchange. Users are categorized in 4 levels. Level 1 involves users who traded less than 20,000,000 Tomans in the past month and will be charged by 0.0035 of the total purchased Stellar. Level 2 welcomes users with a trading volume of 20-50 million Tomans in a month and their fee equals to 0.0030 of the total purchased Stellar. Level 3 users who are more active, have their current month trading volume between 50 to 100 million Tomans and get charged with 0.0025 of the total Stellar which they buy. Lastly, the 4th level involves the most active traders which have a monthly trading volume of more than 100,000,000 Tomans and pay only 0.0020 of the total Stellar they bought.

What are the charges for holding crypto in wallets?

Everyone can use software mobile or desktop wallets or use safe wallet to secure their funds and these wallets charge no fees for crypto storage. However, to transfer cryptocurrencies from the exchange to other wallets, you need to pay a fee. Hence, you can store your assets on the exchange wallet, which employs experts skills to provide a safe place for them free of charge.