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Bitcoin Cash
24,809,792 Toman
419.9 Dollar
USDT Trading Pairs Market information

Average price 7 days

429.56636 Dollar

Highest price

439.6 Dollar

Trading volume 24 hours

21,716.45708 Dollar

Rial Trading Pairs information

Average price 7 days

25,361,901 Toman

Highest price

25,921,547 Toman

Trading volume 24 hours

1,162,151,027 Toman


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What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency that was created in August 2017 as a fork of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash increased block size, which improved scalability and allowed more transactions to be processed.

In November 2018, another fork created Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV (Satoshi Vision). Because Bitcoin Cash uses the original Bitcoin Cash client, it is called Bitcoin Cash.

How does Bitcoin Cash works?

Technically, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin are very similar, namely: both have a hard cap of 21 million coins and use the Proof-of-Work consensus framework and nodes for transaction verification.

Trading BCH is also a hedging tool, as investing in it can reduce risk. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has less transaction fees because it has a larger block size and works faster.

Because of this, BCH is a good option for small, everyday transactions. Moreover, Bitcoin Cash supports smart contracts and ecosystem applications such as CashShuffle, a coin mixing protocol, and CashFusion, a privacy-enhancing solution for the Bitcoin Cash network.

The use of these technologies has both pros and cons: with CashFusion, it becomes extremely difficult to trace the user's assets, but it is also important to remember that commissions are charged for each mixed transaction, so making frequent mixed transactions may be costly.

Another difference between Bitcoin Cash and bitcoin is that SegWit is not incorporated into it, which is another solution proposed to accommodate more transactions per block.

Only the metadata of the transactions in a block is retained by SegWit. A block typically contains all the information about a transaction.

What is cryptocurrency exchange and how to buy Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash can be bought and sold on an exchange using fiat or cryptocurrencies. Online platforms are used to facilitate the exchange of cryptocurrencies between buyers and sellers.

The users of an exchange must register before transferring cryptocurrencies, and they must also undergo several verification steps to verify their identities.

Users who are verified will have an account, and they have to transfer funds into it before they can buy cryptocurrencies.

On the exchange, you can buy and sell Bitcoin Cash. As soon as you register on the platform, you will be required to authenticate your identity, deposit money into your account, and then put a buy or sell order.

How to trade Bitcoin Cash on

There are 2 ways to put an order on the platform:

  • If you deposit Rial, you can buy BCH on Toman Market
  • If you deposit USDT, you can buy Bitcoin Cash on Tether Market

The minimum amount of Bitcoin Cash that you can buy on Toman Market is 100,000 Tomans.

Also, the minimum amount of Bitcoin Cash that you can buy on Tether Market is 10 USDT.

You can withdraw Bitcoin Cash for 0.001 BCH and a minimum of 0.01 BCH.

Go to the Toman Market and choose the Bitcoin Cash/Rial pair to change Bitcoin Cash to Rial. Enter the desired amount and price.

Your order gets filled when the market price reaches the price you chose, and its Rial equivalent is deposited into your wallet and ready to be withdrawn.

There are two ways to sell or buy Bitcoin Cash - market and limit. The main difference between these two is that your order will be filled instantly in a market order.

Why trust is a pioneer in blockchain-based technology that offers a safe environment for users to trade and hold cryptocurrencies with the lowest possible price. To place orders, users can also use the application.

Frequently asked questions

How is Bitcoin Cash's price determined?

All assets, including Bitcoin Cash, are subject to volatility. It is the essence of cryptocurrencies that they are not valued by a particular group or entity. Bitcoin Cash's price will be affected by the supply and demand of cryptocurrencies.

How do I buy Bitcoin Cash? is a cryptocurrency exchange market in Iran using the knowledge of local experts in this field and one of the safest in the region. Bitcoin Cash can be purchased quickly, securely, and efficiently through

What determines Bitcoin Cash's price on

The buyers place their order at the price they desire. Buyers place their orders at their desired prices and sellers, on the other hand, place their sale orders at the desired prices. The price of Bitcoin Cash will now change according to the last transaction between buyers and sellers on the platform.

What are the transaction fees on

The transaction fee on depends on your transaction amount in a month. Users on this platform are divided into 4 levels. Level 1 includes users who have traded less than 20 million tomans in the last month, the fee of this level is 0.0035 of the total amount of Bitcoin Cash they buy. Level 2 includes users who have traded between 20 to 50 million Tomans in the platform in the last month, the fee of users of this level is 0.0030 of the total amount of Bitcoin Cash they buy. Level 3 includes users who have been more active and their trading volume is between 50 to 100 million Tomans in the last month. The fee for this level is 0.0025 of the total amount of Bitcoin Cash they buy, and finally level 4, which includes active users of the platform and their trading volume is above 100 Million Tomans in the last month. The fee for these users is 0.0020 of the total amount of Bitcoin Cash they buy.

Do we need to pay to hold our cryptocurrency in a wallet?

You can use mobile or desktop or web-based software wallets or the completely secure wallet of the platform, where keeping your cryptocurrencies in any of these wallets is free, but to transfer your cryptocurrencies from an exchange to a wallet, you have to pay fees. Therefore, you can hold your assets on, which will keep them safe and you will not need to pay the transfer fee.